Fun Easter Activities for Toddlers

Fun Easter Activities for Toddlers

The arrival of springtime brings exciting holidays like Easter that are perfect for toddler crafts, games and celebrations. From egg hunts to bunny snacks, there are so many festive ways to engage your active toddler with the rituals of the Easter season.

This guide covers over 40 creative Easter-themed activities that teach concepts like colors, counting, fine motor skills all while building cherished family memories. Let’s hop right in!

Toddler Easter Arts and Crafts

Make Paper Egg Garlands

Cut egg shapes from colorful paper and let toddlers glue onto strips to form festive garlands for displaying.

Dye Easter Eggs

Supervise toddlers dipping hard boiled eggs into cups of food coloring diluted with water. Let them get messy with all the colors!

Adorn Easter Eggs

After dying eggs, use stickers and glitter glue pens to add polka dots, stripes, faces and other silly designs.

Egg Stamping

Cut potatoes into stamps and let toddlers dip into paint pads then press onto paper to make printable egg art.

Egg Shell Mosaics

Glue dyed cracked egg shells into egg outlines on paper to make colorful mosaics.

Bunny Puppets

Glue a popsicle stick to the back of a paper plate. Add bunny ears, eyes, nose and whiskers with craft materials.

Make Egg Shakers

Put rice in emptied plastic Easter eggs and seal with tape. Decorate the shells with markers and glitter for musical shakers.

Tissue Paper Eggs

Glue colored tissue paper squares onto plastic egg shells to create stunning stained glass eggs for displaying.

Egg Carton Flowers

Glue trimmed flower shapes cut from egg cartons onto popsicle sticks. Let toddlers paint their egg carton flowers.

Craft Sticker Scenes

Use Easter-themed craft foam stickers to create scenes on paper or cardboard Easter baskets.

Fun Easter Sensory Play

Colored Rice Bin

Mix colored rice, beads, eggs and pom poms into bins. Let toddlers scoop and pour while developing fine motor skills.

Jelly Bean Sorting and Patterns

Sort jelly beans by color. Make simple patterns like red, blue, red, blue.

Hide Small Toys in Kinetic Sand

Add plastic Easter eggs and mini stuffed bunnies for toddlers to discover as they explore and mold sand.

Rainbow Rice Play

Layer colored rice in a clear jar or sensory bottle. Add small bunnies and eggs to discover as they shake and turn the jar.

Make Edible Mud Mix

Combine cocoa powder and oatmeal for toddlers to “dirt dig” for hidden miniature toys and candy eggs.

Easter Egg Water Beads

Let toddlers use tools to scoop up Easter egg-shaped water beads floating in ice cube trays or bins. Talk about wet/dry and heavy/light.

Shredded Paper Nest Fill

Provide paper shreds and ribbon to fill plastic colored eggs. Open and close the eggs to work on fine motor skills.

Edible Bird Nests

Give cereals, coconut, and candy eggs for toddlers to create no-bake chocolate edible “bird nests” for snacking.

Fun Easter Games for Toddlers

Easter Egg Roll

Gently roll plastic Easter eggs across the floor or down a ramp. See how straight they can roll them.

Easter Egg Drop

Drop plastic eggs into an empty bucket or paper towel tube from varying heights. Can they make the basket?

Easter Egg Bowling

Arrange plastic pins and use soft Easter eggs to roll into them for bowling practice.

Egg and Spoon Race

Balance plastic eggs on spoons held in each hand while racing. Who can go slow and steady without dropping their eggs?

Easter Egg Toss

Toss or kick plastic eggs into an empty basket or box. Take steps back to increase the challenge.

Bunny Hop Dance and Freeze

Play music and have toddlers hop and dance like bunnies until the music stops. Freeze in silly poses!

Egg Relay Race

Divide into teams and have toddlers take turns carrying plastic eggs on spoons to drop into a basket then race back to teammates.

Easter Egg Hot Potato

Pass around a basket of eggs while music plays. When stopped, who is “holding the eggs”?

Fun Easter Themes for Pretend Play

  • Easter bunny house with costumes and props
  • Easter egg hunt with baskets, eggs, baskets
  • Chick and bunny farm with stuffed animals
  • Easter parade with music, costumes and floats
  • Easter tea party with bunny snacks and pastel dishes
  • Easter baking with toy food, pots, pans and aprons
  • Flower shop with silk flowers and gardening tools

Make Your Own Edible Easter Play Dough

  • Mix together 1 cup flour, 1/3 cup salt, 1 tsp cream of tartar
  • Add in oil, water and food coloring
  • Knead until pliable dough forms
  • Allow toddlers to shape, flatten, and imprint

Provide bunny and egg cookie cutters, rolling pins and other toys for creative hands-on fun they can taste!

Fun Easter Snacks for Toddlers

  • Bunny apples – apple slices with peanut butter and marshmallow ears
  • Carrot “bunny noses” – carrot sticks with raisins or cranberries
  • Jelly bean prints – make imprints with jelly beans dipped in paint on bread
  • Egg salad sandwiches – cut bread into egg shapes with cookie cutter
  • “Bunny Food” – yogurt with granola tail, chia seeds, dried fruit
  • Pink lemonade with frozen fruit “eggs”

Let your toddler get involved in preparing and decorating these cute themed snacks and treats.

Easter Books for Toddlers

Read fun Easter-themed stories to get in the spirit:

  • Here Comes the Easter Cat by Deborah Underwood
  • Planting a Rainbow by Lois Ehlert
  • Rechenka’s Eggs by Patricia Polacco
  • My First Easter by Tomie dePaola
  • Tip Tip Dig Dig by Emma Garcia
  • The Story of the Easter Bunny by Katherine Tegen
  • And Then Comes Easter by Beth Shoshan

Easy Easter Toddler Activities

More fun that takes little prep:

  • Decorate paper lunch bags into Easter baskets
  • Practice attaching clothes pins to cardboard eggs
  • Sort plastic eggs by color into egg cartons
  • Tape bunny ears to baby dolls for dress up
  • Use stickers to add scenes to paper plates
  • Have them dip and stamp their fingers in paint
  • Bake Easter cookies and let them decorate
  • Do an Easter egg picture puzzle
  • Listen to festive children’s Easter music
  • Let them glue cotton balls onto paper bunnies

Outdoor Easter Toddler Activities

Take it outside when weather permits:

  • Sidewalk chalk rabbits and eggs
  • Bubble painting plastic eggs
  • Easter egg hunt in the backyard
  • Make nests with sticks and leaves
  • Fly kites in fun springtime shapes
  • Plant Easter flowers and grass seeds
  • Draw with watercolors on the driveway
  • Egg and spoon race in the yard
  • Collect sticks and rocks for crafts

Toddler Easter Books to Make

Bunny Basket Book

Staple paper into a booklet. Decorate the basket-shaped cover. Add bunny stickers inside.

Chick Finger Puppet Book

Glue a felt chick finger puppet onto cardboard folded into a mini book. Let them make up chick stories.

My Bunny Book

Fold paper in half into a book. On each page have them color or stick a different bunny photo.

Easter Lift-the-Flap Book

Cut flap shapes in sturdy pages. Let them illustrate under the flaps – eggs, bunnies, baskets etc.

Egg Matching Memory Book

Create a matching book with identical egg designs on each page to flip and find the pairs.

Easy Easter Sensory Bottles For Toddlers

  • Fill bottles with rice, beads, pom poms, sequins in pastel spring colors
  • Add mini bunnies, eggs, flowers, butterflies and chicks
  • Use glue and glitter to decorate the outside
  • Supervise play closely to prevent spills

Gently shaking these themed bottles builds fine motor skills, problem solving and color recognition.

Easter Activities for Toddlers with Playsilks

Lightweight playsilks inspire toddler creativity. Drape, fold and shape into:

  • Tunnels to crawl under like bunny holes
  • Capes for Easter costumes
  • Canopies for indoor picnics
  • Theater curtains for a puppet show
  • Blankets for baby bunnies
  • Streams and rivers on a nature hunt
  • Windsocks blowing in the breeze

Playsilks build imagination and Gross motor skills. Change shapes for endless fun!

Easy Easter Treats to Make with Toddlers

Get your toddler involved in preparing these yummy themed goodies:

  • Cereal bunny faces – decorate o-shaped cereal with icing
  • Nest cupcakes – add coconut and jelly beans to cupcakes
  • Bunny trail mix – make a DIY mix with pastel cereals and candies
  • Easter egg hunt popcorn – add Easter color sprinkles and M&Ms
  • Marshmallow sheep – use mini marshmallows with chow mein noodle wool
  • Candy eggs on a stick – form taffy melted in the microwave around lollipop sticks

Fun Easter Songs and Fingerplays

Sing festive tunes using hand motions:

Five Little Easter Eggs Five Little Bunnies Peter Cottontail Big and Little Bunnies Knock Knock on the Easter Bunny’s Door Here Comes Peter Cottontail

Recite cute poems and nursery rhymes: Easter Parade Here is the Beehive Fluffy Yellow Chicks

Incorporate finger puppets and fingerplays into celebrations to boost listening skills, vocabulary, dexterity and rhythm.

Easy Toddler Easter Activities at Home

  • Dye hard-boiled eggs and decorate shells with stickers
  • Do egg-themed coloring pages
  • Make bunny crowns with paper plate ears
  • Play ‘Easter basket toss’ into laundry baskets
  • Hunt for stuffed animals and toys hidden indoors
  • Use stickers and stamps to decorate paper lunch bags as Easter baskets
  • Bake nest cupcakes with shredded coconut ‘grass’ and jelly bean ‘eggs’
  • Decorate paper bunny faces with cotton balls then craft into cards or magnets

Toddler Easter Activities With Eggs

Use plastic eggs for:

  • Color and number matching
  • Shape sorting into egg cartons
  • Painting by dipping into food-coloring paint
  • Tracing outlines and writing letters on with crayons
  • Creating patterns and sequencing games
  • Balancing races – carry from point A to B without dropping
  • Frozen sensory play – freeze with small toys inside to retrieve

Re-use your plastic eggs year to year for budget-friendly holiday fun!

Toddler Easter Activities With Candy

For sweetness beyond just eating it:

  • Sort candy by color into ice cube trays
  • Create patterns by alternating candy types
  • Use as math counters for counting games
  • Melt chocolate and let toddlers dip pretzels and fruit
  • Shape melted chocolate or marshmallows into nests
  • Make stamped shapes pressing candy into paint pads
  • Use stickers and candy to decorate paper bags or boxes
  • Glue down and sort candies to do block print art

Supervise closely to avoid overindulging their sweet tooth!

Easy Toddler Easter Crafts Using Supplies At Home

Use materials already at home creatively:

  • Paper bags decorated into Easter baskets
  • Toilet paper rolls into bunnies with folded ears
  • Paper plates into bunnies with drawn on faces
  • Painted pine cones into Easter eggs
  • Handprint chicks – add feet and beak
  • Cotton balls onto paper as fluffy bunny tails
  • Clothespins into bunny and chick puppets
  • Stickers, sequins, glitter and gems to decorate eggs

Raid your craft cabinet for hours of festive fun without leaving home!

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Toddler Easter Activities FAQs

What age do toddlers start enjoying Easter?

Toddlers can participate in age-appropriate Easter activities starting around 18 months old. Look for sensory stations, themed songs and fingerplays, picture books, egg hunts, crafts and pretend play they can engage in.

Are real eggs or plastic eggs better?

Hard boiled eggs are enjoyable for older toddlers to dye and hunt. But plastic eggs prevent messes and are reusable. Supervise closely either way. Candy and toy filled plastic eggs provide excitement safely.

How can I simplify Easter for toddlers?

Focus on activities using supplies already at home – stickers, paper bags, stuffed animals, balls, blocks etc. Dyeing eggs, themed music and snacks, and picture books also create joy without too much prep.

What are Montessori-inspired Easter activities?

Offering open-ended materials like flowers, eggs, baskets and bunnies for toddlers to touch, transfer, sort and arrange builds concentration and order. Include works like pouring, sensory bins, object matching, and nature items.

Should I do Easter basket gifts for a toddler?

Small Easter gifts can be exciting but focus more on enjoyable interaction than material things. Candy, bubbles, sidewalk chalk, bubbles, stickers and outdoor toys allow you to play together.

What makes good Easter books for toddlers?

Seek sturdy board books and picture books with engaging illustrations, rhymes, lift the flaps, textures to feel, and concepts like counting they can interact with. Toddlers have limited attention for lengthy stories without interactivity.

How long do toddlers like Easter egg hunts?

Keep toddler Easter egg hunts quick – 5-10 eggs to start held closely within a confined area like the living room. Expand as their stamina and basket toting skills grow over the years. 3-5 year olds may enjoy slightly bigger hunts.

Can toddlers eat hard candy and jelly beans?

Stick with soft Starburst-like candies, mini chocolate eggs, gummies, marshmallows and other age appropriate options. Avoid hard candies which pose choking hazards for children under 4. Carefully supervise consumption.

What safety tips should I follow for toddler Easter activities?

Carefully supervise dyeing, egg hunts and candy eating. Ensure craft supplies like glue, scissors and decorations are non-toxic. Avoid giving raw eggs, small hard candies or foods that pose allergen risks to little ones.

Key Takeaways on Toddler Easter Celebrations

With a little creativity, you can engage tiny tots in all the festive fun of the Easter season. Focus on activities that incorporate their developing skills – sensory play, songs, coloring, stories, egg hunts and imaginary play. Minimize sugar and gifts. Make it about laughing together, not going overboard on material things. Capture memories of your smiling little bunny that they’ll carry into the future!